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Thread: 1994 sl750 $50

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    1994 sl750 $50

    I have a 1994 SL 750 (kind of a Frankenstein) that has been a work in progress for awhile now and it's just time to cut my losses. I came up to my summer place this summer to get the ski ready only to find that the rear piston had a hole in it again as a result from riding the ski the previous summer. I don't have the parts to fix it and I only have enough vacation and I don't want to work on this anymore.

    The ski was running last summer and is in OK shape otherwise. There just seems to be this issue where the rear piston keeps developing a hole...I have installed a triple outlet fuel pump and several other suggested items from this forum and I can't seem to solve the problem.

    Anyway, not going to list all the details about the ski, but I am offering it for $50 OBO to any takers.

    A few other details -

    1. You will have to bring a trailer or some other means of conveyance to haul away the ski. The trailer is not offered in this listing.
    2. I bought a new battery a few days ago and didn't get to use it because I found this issue this morning. I will offer the battery for an additional $50 (paid $65 at Sears) if you would like. Otherwise you will need your own battery.
    3. The ski is located on Wolfe Island, Ontario (near Kingston, Ontario). I am only here until Monday for the holiday so I would like to get rid of it before then, but we could potentially work something out if it has to be later.

    Please ping me or call and leave a message for Adam at 440-523-1340.

    Thanks and here are some pictures.Click image for larger version. 

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    conesus ny!
    pm sent

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    props for a great price wish you were closer!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i would be interested, is the ski still available?

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