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Thread: 95 hx bog issue

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    95 hx bog issue

    hello all i just recently purchased a 1995 seadoo hx the thing is alot of fun but im runnign into a bogging issue. i took it out the other day and it ran fine i rode for bout 10 minutes and then stopped to an idle in the water for about 10 seconds. I then tried to take off but it started bogging bad. I had to hold the throttle pinned just to keep it idling enough so i could make it back to my trailer. When i got it on the trailer i let off the gas and it died and would not start back up. I pulled the ski out of the water and cranked it for a little while and it started up again. I launched it again and rode it for about 5 more minutes and it ran fine. what could cause this? is water somehow getting into the motor at idle speed and causing the system to back up? any other suggestions?



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    Read the DIY fuel system cleaning thread at the top of the 2 stroke section. also change the plugs and change the ground wire

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    Step # 1 would be put some new spark plugs in it. If that doesnt fix your problem do as airbornxp stated and clean your fuel system.

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