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    Large Lot of Superjet, Waveblaster, FX-1 Parts For Sale - $250 For EVERYTHING

    I am selling this as a lot. Cleaning out the shop. I have way too much stuff, and I just want it gone. Sick of tripping over everything. Constantly.
    Buyer pays actual shipping and handling, whatever that amount is. If you see items listed more than once, that means there are more than one.
    This list was a pain to compile, so bear with me:

    Two sets of blaster seat side panels, one set almost mint from at 1995
    Two 701 flywheels
    Two sets of FX-1 purple tray pads, one set very very nice.
    Two Blaster fuel tanks, one I think has the pick up
    One 701 Riva head exhaust mounting brackets.
    One 62T stock CDI with the rev limiter removed
    One full set of FX-1 purple plastics very nice
    Two 62T stock flame arrestors
    One 701 front motor cover black
    -Some 144mm long pump bolts
    -Lots of stainless steel yamaha bolts
    MSD total loss system, brain box is fried, but the stator plate is good. Single pick up analog
    One FX-1 steering cable
    One VXR midshaft
    One 701 stator, looks very nice, but not sure if it works or not.
    Several FX-1 rubber hoses
    Two FX-1 long exhaust tubes
    One FX-1 fuel fill tube assy.
    One 61X complete flame arrestor oem stock
    Two complete 701 E-box shells, one I think has a good coil (shells only)
    Some X-2 hood latches
    One set of 62T reeds and cages
    One complete Blaster stock exhaust with brackets
    One FX-1 Chin pad (I paid $100 for it and never used it) like new-ish
    One yellow blaster stock handlebar cover
    One 701 bendix
    One 144mm pump cone oem
    One set of blaster seat brackets complete
    One complete set of blaster stainless steel hardware (everything)
    One Blaster steering mount bracket
    One FX-1 nose foam
    One 144mm pump vein section/stator
    One Blaster rear trim
    One set of almost (if not all) blaster black plastics (hard to find set)
    Two blaster steering nozzles
    One blaster exit nozzle and steering nozzle
    One 144mm pump gasket
    Two FX-1 long exhaust tubes
    One blaster exit nozzle
    One FX-1 drive shaft (pretty sure)
    One blaster drive shaft (pretty sure)
    Two good used 701 WSM pistons and rings (forget the sizes of them)
    At least one complete set of FX-1 hardware
    Three FX-1 motor mounts
    One stock blaster intake grate
    One set of 61X reeds and cages
    One complete blaster hood catch (the stainless one that breaks)
    One complete set of stainless steel hardware for a blaster
    .....and much much much more I'll throw in.

    No, I'm not going to take pictures. PM me if you have questions.

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    What do you want for the flywheel cover? 701 blaster?

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    How about $30 shipped to Texas

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    How much for the 62t cdi shipped to Salt Lake City? Thanks

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    $35 shipped. i have paypal

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    PM sent

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    PM sent

    Lots of stuff still left. Just looking to move it all.

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    good to see your still alive !!!
    Last edited by standup4ever; 11-03-2010 at 09:06 PM.

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    No long SJ plates left. Didn't even keep one extra for myself.

    Yeah, I'm still alive. Wasn't feeling well again for a while. Now I'm mostly busy with other things.

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