Hello to all,
I need some help please I have a (sensor) light that flashes on my display when I first turn on the motor. Also the (VTS) or as I call it the electronic trim control/adjust button is not working or displaying anything on the Display screen which normally it is in the right corner. I am guessing here that the Sensor light that is flashing on my display at motor start up is related to the VTS Trim control not working am I correct? 2nd Question here is do you know how can get or view a repair manual (similar to the Haynes manual) for my 04 RXP motor that way I can replace/locate the sensor myself. Please advise me as I need help and also if anyone on here knows a good mechanic they recommend for me to use for my ski I am in the zip code 23117. Thanks in advance for your help as I am sure someone on here knows the answer and had a similar problem with their ski.