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    Fastest Most Reliable Ski Around 5 grand used?

    Hey what would yall say is the fastest accelerating and top speed ski for about 5 grand or under? Is it a kawi or something else? reliability is a concern of mine also. Thanks for the help!

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    2000-2001 Yamaha gp1200. Most fun and reliable ski I've owned was the 97 gp1200. Maybe my Ultra would take over if I could get it running right!!

    My personal reasons for picking a ski in those years is because the two strokes are easier to work on and they are smaller. I had a 2002 GP1200, for example, and the boat was so much bigger because of the CAT. The new ones are huge also! Plus, with a few mods, those GP's will move!! Just my two cents.

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    I have a 99 ultra 150 & it's needed zero work in the 3yrs I have owned it, has 125-130hrs on the clock. I purchased it from a friend who put 60hrs on the ski & also had zero issues.

    I just hope the go-fast stuff I have will not hurt reliability.......

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    Reliability? hands down 05 to current stx 15f or 04 to current 12f, the 15 will run 65 all day and it handles like its on rails, i have heard of them reaching well over 400 hours without any drama...


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