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    05 Kawasaki STXR 1200 - NICE - Palmetto Florida

    Hey Everyone, I have a VERY NICE 2005 Kawasaki STXR 3 Seater jet ski. It has ALWAYS been garaged kept and never left out in the sun. There is nothing faded on the ski anywhere, it shines very nice and was very well taken care of. This thing runs great! I have never had it leave me stranded and it always starts up right away. I can show you the motor and you can see how clean it is. There is no rust or corrosion on the motor and I just put new spark plugs in it about 2 weeks ago. The jet ski has a trailer that comes with it. The trailer is in pretty good shape... nothing broken, but it is just not as pretty as the jet ski itself. Its still very useable and actually doesnt look too bad. I did just put a new winch on the front of the trailer also. It has good tires and good bearings. I have pulled it down the interstate before and it pulls great. The Jet ski was only ridden in saltwater this summer. Before that it was a Lake jet ski, so it saw only freshwater. I think that is apparent in the condition. I have the title to the ski and it is clear. The jet ski comes with 3 almost new lifejackets also. The jet ski has a few mods to it also. It has a UMI steering system and also a ride plate on the rear from R&D. There are a few other things also, like an engine flushing kit and pwc doctor ping pong ball drain plugs so it NEVER gets water inside of it. It also has the red R&D heads and a riva seat cover. I am sad to let this thing go but I need the money. I am graduating from college. It is a great ski for the money and I bet you cant find another one like it. Call me if you have questions. 941-518-7780

    I am asking 4,350 for everything...

    The price is negotiable a bit. No joy rides just for fun. If you have cash and like it then I will take you out on it so you can see how it runs. thanks a lot!

    Oh yeah, it only has about 45ish hours on it! and runs great!

    You can check out my ebay feedback under the same name and/or just google my name "BadBowtie03" you will only find good stuff about me.

    EMAIL ONLY PLEASE at [email protected] thanks alot!

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    guys I'll take a little less just give ke a call or shoot me an email at [email protected]

    thanks a lot!!!

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    I will take 4,000 for it. I need to move this thing...

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    if you ever come to CA ill take it for 3850!

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    Want to trade for a 150 ultra? haha Im looking for a 3 seater.

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