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    Do I have to use a new woodruff key?

    Installing an ignition upgrade kit on a 99 SLX. As you know the flywheel must come off to install new stator assembly. My question is, do I have to use a new woodruff key when I reinstall the flywheel or can I reuse the old one?

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    use a new one is _strongly advised_. You can order them from SBT if the local Polaris parts warehouse is "fresh out of em" In a pinch you mgith get by with the old one, but the last thing you want to have happenb is the key shearing off. Once you get some damage in that area it becomes a chronic issue...not to mention getting a broken key out is worse then doing a root canal on a nasty dog.

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    I disagree. I've been reusing them forever on engines i assemble as long as there is no damage. Never once had a problem. There shouldn't be any pressure on the key at any time, the taper should hold the flywheel if it's torqued correctly and seated correctly. The key is mainly for lining the flywheel back up for location, not for holding it. It's important to make sure the tapers are clean when you assemble them so they seat together and hold. The keys are cheap and if your dealer has them in stock, go ahead and get one for peace of mind, but i wouldn't wait a week for one to come in on mail order. Just my .02.

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    install the fly wheel to factory torque specs or a little above and you should not have to worry about it ,

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