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    02 f12(non turbo) wont go over 3000rpm

    i got a 02 f12 that wont go over 3000 rpm. I've had it in the shop 2 times and they say it is fixed but i go ride and within 30 to 40 min the code comes back and the ski wont go over 3k. the shop wont tell me what they did, i think they just reset the ecu. I've tried to do that but I cant get a good connection in the test port. Is there a way to pull codes on the display? Any ideas? Anything would be a help.

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    By using the "search" function for "codes"...


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    hey nitro
    the procedure says if the MIL comes one and beeps then i have a code but it only beeps 2 times and goes off. is this what it means or is that just the ski telling me the key is in and being read. any more ideas is there a way to clear the computer by disconnecting the battery? i know this works on cars.

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