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    2001 polaris Virage TXI 1200 Stutters and lacks power HELP!!!!

    one day i was riding it and it fouled a plug so i bought brand new NGK plugs for it and they are what is recomended and now my screen is still saying check engine and the throttle hesitates a little now and the engine stutters at a low RPM once you get it over 4,000 it quits stuttering. If you rev it to its max rpm it sounds fine and also sounds fine at idle... is it the reeds? Throttle body? i dont get it? Im a mechanic in dire need of a jet ski mechanic i have a Technical manual but im not trying to tare the whole motor apart when it could be somthing much more simple than that

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    It would help if you read the service codes from the EMM.

    Details on how to do so are found in this link;

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

    On the water, are you getting full RPM at speed? What is the max RPM on the water?

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    Do you have a spare Throttle Position Sensor ? Sounds like You need one .



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