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    looking to borrow 04/05 ecu

    We've been chasing an overheating issue on my 05 rxt..

    basically ski overheated at the end of the summer 2 seasons ago and hasnt been the same since. cause of the overheat was a clogged greco strainer.

    last year ski would run 45+ minutes during first use, but once you went WOT ski would overheat.

    and once you let it cool down, any time after it would over heat within minutes of riding.. which IMO appeared like a heat soak issue..

    removed strainer because we thought there was the possibility of getting an air pocket in the system.

    We replaced both temp sensors and tested, replaced headgasket (head and deck were good) with riva and arp's, and went open loop (thought thermostat), still does it...

    then tested the ski with new sensors plugged in but not inserted into ports and it still overheated..

    So starting to think its an ecu issue would like to borrow one with key.. I can leave a deposit $$$ or turbo,lol

    Crossing my fingers, but I have next week off and would like to nip it in the bud by end of vaca..

    open to comments or suggestions..
    thanks for the help.

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    If the ski overheated the rubber on the inside of the J-pipe to waterbox coupling would have separated and bubbled up possibly blocking off the water exit holes in the end of the J-pipe at the waterbox. This could cause the exhaust gas to overheat. Just a thought.


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