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    Exclamation 700 slt To Pull or not to Pull

    Started with a bad stator, Logged on several times trying to find out what I could and about this old machine I acquired. Asked a question or two and was answered with questions, Asked another question and was directed to page that was incomplete. So instead of posting a new thread I am going to pull the motor and see what I need to do on my own. I will post what I find in detail so others can have a clear answer to the same question. How does the stator come off???

    You do what you can with what you have

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    I sent you a p.m I've got factory service man. on pdf......... its big ,2 parts but I can forward it to you, Let me know, Nate

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    Pulled the motor of my "parts boat" and answered all my questions. The housing is held on by four main bolts But the stator mounting plate screws go all the way through the plate, the housing and anchor into the block. That is why after I pulled the four main bolts the housing was still securely fastened. The four screws that hold the stator to the stator mounting plate can come out, but the stator and mounting plate are epoxied together. I do not like the Idea of Phillip head screws so I am going to replace with Allen head screws.

    Now for the boat in question, I pushed the fuel tank up as far as I could go and not removing it completely, gave me enough room to strike a screwdriver with a hammer to break the locktite loose on the screws. Using a pair of vise grips and applying a good bit of force I was able to break the screws loose without rounding out the heads. Removing the three stator plate srews allowed the stator to fall loose. You need to remove the two hex head bolts that secure the wire harness. Using a long skinny flat tip screw driver I was able to work around the starter and push the grommet through the hole, along with the rest of the harness from the electric box.

    So in answer to my question to pull or not to pull, Pulling the parts boat motor was a good thing, the prop shaft had already been pulled so that was no big deal. On my play boat I did not really want pull the motor because of all the additional work that would be needed. SO DON PULL THE MOTOR PUSH THE FUEL TANK

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