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    08 RXT-X, 55 hours, Garage Kept, Some Mods, $7800 with trailer

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm separating with my girlfriend and moving back towards where I grew up where there is unfortunately no good water close. The price is what I owe on it, comes with a double trailer. I love this ski but it just doesn't make sense to keep it.

    Ski Mods:
    Worx Grate
    4" Kanaflex
    Catch Can
    RE blockoffs
    Riva waterbox with rude tip
    Bilge Pump
    GPS Holder glove box cover (I will include the garmin 76cx gps)
    Decals removed
    4-tec performance sticker for +15 hp

    I have most of the stock parts for the ski, though I don't have the stock waterbox or prop. I will include all of the ski related stuff I have with it. Prop tool, any spare parts, XP-S lube, jackets, cover, etc. The ski has a small scuff on the hull where my dumbass buddy clipped a buoy and the gelcoat was repaired. It has been kept indoors.


    Not very pretty but very mechanically sound double trailer. Just about everything is new on it other than the springs, axle, and wheels. LED lights, new bunks, hardware, tires, etc.

    I am currently in Baltimore but will be moving to southcentral PA within the next week. I owe about 7800 on the ski, so that's what I'd like to get out of it. I'm not looking to get anything on top of that, I just want the bad memories associated with it gone. The loan I have on it is a personal loan, so I have titles in hand for both the ski and the trailer. My best on it was 72 flat on GPS, but to be honest I was too scared of that speed to take it any faster. I will get pics tonight when I put it in the water for the last time. PM me or post here. Thanks.

    Edit: pics here
    Edit again: Sold!
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    email me your number

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    is it sold yet? thanks

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    not sold yet...

    To everyone who has PM'd me this weekend and not gotten anything back, I'll be getting back to everyone. I took down my desktop Friday to move assuming I would be able to use my laptop over the weekend. Laptop stopped working Saturday, so I've been without connectivity for a couple days. I will be getting back to everyone as soon as I can.

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    hey man do you have a number i have cash in hand please send a contact number if the ski hasn't been sold as yet

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    SOLD to slow1300

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