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    Newbie looking for info on purchasing new-old stock.

    First let me say that this forum is loaded with tons of info on PWC and I have searched the forums endlessly for reviews of the different makes and models I am looking for. I have found some great info so thanks to all who have posted at some point in time or another.

    My wife has given me the green light to purhcase one or two PWC's depending on the deal we get. I have been keeping my eye on the used market as there are some really good deals aorund the Houston area. My question is really about new-old dealer stock. I have found a local dealer that has some skis from a few different mfg's that date back to 2006. 2007 and 2008. I knwo that a few of you have mentioned that you were able to pick up a smokin deal on a new old model, but what kind of discounts should you typically see? I have never shopped a PWC before so I really have no idea what kind of wiggle room there is on these boats. Any guidance is greatly appreciated indeed!


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    What models are you looking at? If you are looking for say an 06 RXP, look what what the book value is for that particular used model is and go about $500 lower for your first offer to the dealer. You can always raise the ante.

    Here for example the retail book value for an 06 RXP is $6700

    If it was me, I'd walk in there and offer $6 grand even. If they take it you'll end up with a brand new watercraft for the price of a used one.

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    Thanks, that helps out a lot. I will be looking this weekend at new and used boats. From what it looks like, everyone has their used boats priced way above NADA or KBB. I guess most of these folks are WAY upside down on their loans.

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