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    im baffled need some insight

    1998 yamaha exciter twin (65u)...... port motor has not had any issues, starboard carbs were just rebuilt and they are flawless now. issue is when carbs were installed both motors were running day i go to start both motors and neither of them would start, starboard motor loads up with fuel in the exhaust and ends up back firing like a shot gun. when initially cranking over they both kick like theyre goin to start then just keep crankin.

    comp is 128-130 across on both motors
    i have spark and fuel
    reeds are fine
    so what the hell is my issue here?

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    Are your plugs soaked with fuel?
    Reeds good?
    Were needle/seats replaced?
    What jetting?

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    reeds are fine, jetting is stock, and needles and seats were replaced.... plugs are a bit wet nothing crazy tho

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    Anyone? I'm losing my mind I'm about to sink this thing

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    The 65U engines are notorious for the little round plastic (clear) check valves creasing. Pull the flame arrestor on the suspect engine, and while the engine is running look inside the carbs to check which one is not flowing fuel properly. The thing should run, just really poorly.

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