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    Pro 785 vs. Pro 1200

    I own a Pro 1200 that is alot of fun. I have been looking to get a Pro 785 also. Does anyone know how they compare in both performance and ride to the 1200? I can find another 1200 easier but I read a lot about the 785's on here. Just trying to decide if the 785 is worth the extra effort or should I just get another 1200. Any info is appreciated.

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    my 785 pro was a blast; but small fuel tank and poor fuel millage was my main issue. I switch to a GP1300r in 04 and bought an other in 07 I love them. Mine have been very reliable and you can find all sorts of performance parts for them on here reasonable. just me 2 cents T.

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    The pro785 was made for pylon racing in a closed course. it turns on a dime or half a dime!. I have 1 and really like it.. The motor is a race motor, not a domestic or a blue fugi. does about the same speed as your 1200 but gets there quicker. Yeah its a gas hog but I dont mind, I dont ride it every day and in the winter it doesnt cost me anything to run!.lol

    I had initial intentions to buy a Pro785 and Pro1200 like your comtemplating but ended up buying a 2000 SLX 1200 instead.. Not quite as good in performance as your Pro is, but close. The hull is different and some other small changes. If I could, I would swap my SLX for a Pro 1200.

    Become part of the Pro785 Gang!. The gas wont be any worse than you on your 1200 at WOT your already use to the

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