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    Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator vs. Powershot Tuner

    How does the Powershot work? Does it analyze boost pressure and adjust for fuel accordingly? Does the Powershot allow for leaning out the fuel below the preprogrammed ECU settings? or can it only add fuel? Does it adjust the timing?

    If so, doesn't the RRFPR do the same thing, increasing fuel pressure with an increase in boost pressure. Assuming you do not reach the limits of the fuel injectors, the RRFPR does the same thing as the Powershot right?

    In short: Is the RRFPR a mechanical version of the electrical Powershot tuner? (Assuming the Powershot cannot lean out fuel below the ECU settings and cannot adjust timing)

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    I don't like unable to lean out below ECU setting and not smart enough to adjust fuel according of boost level of PowerShot .

    I think best is go to Vi-Pec or smarter ECU Injection method.

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    I have Motec and I have my fuel pressure set at 68 psi, no rising rate regulator. My entire map was tuned around the 68 psi and is rock solid from head to toe.

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    I would use both RRFPR and the Powershot to fine tune a little better. Of course Motec and Vipec are going to be the ultimate.

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