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    New rotax sc impeller 2010

    Hi people
    does any one tried the new rotax sc impeller model 2010

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    i heard the boost is about 19/20 psi with this rotax sc impeller

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    is that an 2010 model impeller, or only for the 2010 skis?
    "which diameter is it?"

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    its a 137 mm 2010 impeller with a 3mm spacer

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    Hi are you talkig about rotax racing sc?
    There are two solution:
    -137 mm plus spcaer for offshore boat
    -140 mm for close course.

    Lemoine and fracasso has these in their official ski.
    Rotax racing doesn't give psi boost info.
    I do not know the real boost. Maybe malte knows the real boost... Mrracing.

    The 09 137 was similar to akit les cooke but more top speed instead of accelerarion.
    My 02

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    heres the pix of the rotax 2010 impeller
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    just a thought

    rotax is good but a 137 wheel and spacer..isnt going to give you 19 20 psi at any rpm you are going to be willing to run...without the risk of a connnecting rod violating you ...

    it is probably going to be comparible to a mini rude a riva wheel and spacer or et wheel and spacer...14 15 psi at 8600 rpm..

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    +1 if a rude 3 needs to be spun at 9000 to see 20psi there is no way that a 137 is going to make 20psi boost unless it was measured at the SC, Les has made a new SC and its supposed to make 20psi but at like 8500, h also measures at the SC tho and not in the mani.

    I guess in some respects it gives a better comparison as it negates any differences past the SC that could effect the boost numbers but when I talk about boost i wana know what the motor is getting. R88

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    i agree you loose some in the intercooler piping ect...that is why i only see 16 ish on my rude 3...i should tap my charger and just see..

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    so your guess is this rotax impeller as the same boost like a 2 rude.....ive a 2 rude and my boost is about 14,7 psi....i will see the diference between the 2
    the blades of the rotax and 2 rude are the same size in heigth.....

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