newbie here ,not to skis, hve a 2000 gp1200r n i just got a 06 gp1300r, did the dplate and chip mod my self on both... when i start up the 13 the warning signal goes on but i hit reset and i wont hear it again but the warnin light stays on ,heard that after 04 the chip isn't needed...any feedback? also was flushing my 13 and it acts like the water gets backed up..when i go to rev it rpms fall and i have to really rev it to gain them back it surges pretty much only way i know this is my 1200 has no problem w that... ,second owner bought it at 15 hours, this past winter had the follwing done; rebuilt and jetted carbs, also changed stock settings for more juice, R&D Plate cat conversion with the chip for the warning sensor, recovered the seat black, put my 1300 gold pieces on instead of silver never ran ground, never sank, never had any impact , Click image for larger version. 

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