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    What's purpose of "Electric bilge pump strainer"

    Will it able to filter some sand/debris,
    should i need to clean/check it after run over debris/sand?

    I also plan to install Groco Strainer,
    will it have duplicate tark for OEM strainer?

    Please give me some suggestion.

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    Bilge pump strainer prevents larger debris from the hull interior from entering, and potentially clogging, the electric bilge pump. It would have nothing to do with any sand you might have run over.

    Your other thread mentions performance loss after running over sand. That loss might be related to damage to the wear ring/prop from sand or from loss of cooling efficiency due to sand in the engine and intercooler or a combination of the two. Check your prop clearance and for prop damage from sand. Use your engine flush to remove what sand you can from the engine/IC.

    A Groco or similar strainer would have prevented the sand from entering the engine/IC.

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