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    Has anybody used aftermarket sponsons on their RXT?

    Has anybody tried the Agressive Sponsons or another brand on thier RXT? If so, what are your findings with relation to handling and top speed?

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    I don't think they will help any on top speed may help the handling some. I haven't had a problem with handling though.If I thought they would help on speed I would probably try them. Haven't seen any results yet from anyone.

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    I have Worx on my 03 SC(same as RXT) Don't waste your money. For a 3 seater platform,they're nominally better at best. (imo)......Riva's look better then mine.imo

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    I wouldn't mind them if they helped turning. I haven't got them because I heard you couldn't 180 spins if you had them.

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    Aftermarket sponsons are designed to make the boat hold in the turns. They increase cornering and decrease the risk of "spin outs". If you want to do donuts keep the stock ones, or take them off entirely for some spins that would make anyone dizzy.


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    Yeah i'm questioning that. I was thinking about getting Riva's but i like messin around like that. I find that if you stand all the way to the front on the left side of the ski and whip it you can throw that 3 seater like a ping pong ball. at the same time i like to handle too. I guess i need to make up my mind.

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