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    Performance and Performance Products for RXT iS 255

    Does anyone know if there are any good products for the RXT iS255? Amazon has a CHIP from MAGNUM TUNING! Is it any good it says 25HP GAIN. Also, is there a way to get around the GPS TOP SPEED? Thanks

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    you are in the right place to find out how to make them fast but let the search button be your friend!

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    I am new to GreenHulk and love it! I have an 2009 Sea Doo RXT iS 255 with 18Hrs. Ihave looked everywhere for performance info, and info on the GPS Governed TOP SPEED...HELP PLEASE I CAN'T FIND ANY INFO....THANKS IN ADVANCE...I am on Ky Lake if anyone rides in that area

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    R&D has just released an intake grate for this ski. You can buy it here in this sites online store

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    You can also get suspension upgrade kits:

    Here are the latest photos:

    Springs have been triple coated (inc. zinc coating!)

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, electropolished stainless steel....

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