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    Rack attachment to ski logic?

    We have built the rack to hold Yeti Tundra cooler flanked by a 5 gal fuel can on each side. Remove the Yeti and you can add 2 more fuel cans for a total of 20 gallons (for long trips exploring the Everglades with my camera instead of fishing gear).

    Now, this is going on a 2009 Kawasaki Ultra LX 260. Seeking the best method to attach the rack to the ski.

    Suggestions and ideally photos of what has worked for you would be appreciated.

    Keep in mind this will be used in the Gulf so method of fastening must be secure.
    Also, I would prefer not to drill holes in the ski, but will if that is the best method.

    Hoping to finish the rack ASAP.


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    Check out the stickys at the top of this forum. 83 does a great job of explaining how he attaches his rack to the ski. I have a Yamaha SHO, so my attachment is slightly different, but same idea. We were wave jumping and playing aggressively, with fishing poles and cooler full of ice. No problems at all with the rack.

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