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Thread: question on rxp

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    question on rxp

    My jetski wont start. I replaced the battery, and the starter and it does not start. I messed around with the wires in the front of the jetski when you open it and take out the white bucket theres wires in the corner and when i replaced the battery and the starter, i just touched that little box with wires and it started back up, and now if i touch it or press on it it wont even start. It makes a clicking noise, any tips or solutions?

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    kinda confusing what you said there. you replaced the battery? was it starting fine before the dead battery issue? did ya check all the fuse's in that "box of wirey thingys" hahaha if the starters just clicking could be a bad starter....

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    what year is this ski? If it makes a clicking sound it might be a bad solenoid. this was a common problem with the 06's and the solenoid is where there are 2 red rubber boots that is located near the mpem.

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