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    Blanking cap/plate

    Hi there

    I have a 2005 GP1300r. I was trying to find out if there is some form of blanking plate available for the hole on the right side of it. I have been on the Yama wesbite and it appears it was a "Fuel Cock Knob" (nice) on older GP's but is no longer used for anything now.

    Obviously too much effort to alter the design slightly!

    I have been searching for an hour on here to no luck.


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    Lightbulb ??

    Hi there Moonman...

    Yamaha DID fit a blanking plate on all 1300 GPR's..

    It would appear yours is lost/missing.. they fall out frequently.. (i've lost a couple myself over the years)

    You can order one through the online store here on the forum...
    Here:. http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....=13&A=128&B=15

    Part #7




    Again part #7

    There should be a 10% discount on the part through the forum.. enter greenhulk in the coupon section..

    Don't quote me on the discount though..


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