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    Replacing All Lines in Ultra 150

    I am planning on replacing all rubber/plastic lines in my Ultra 150 this year (part precaution part necessity). I got a sample of each of the different sizes and headed to town. Two auto parts places and a Kawasaki shop later, I came home empty handed. I have found the tygon tubing that I need for the oil/fuel lines on the net. I am still searching for the rubber tubing for the cooling lines. Any help would be great Thanks!

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    1/4" air line works for the 3 hoses comming off the heads. The main thing you need to change is those 5 oil lines going to the carbs and balancers. What you need for them is 1/8 id tygon. The fuel lines are 1/4" id.

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    Thanks Morris!

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    395 Great prices and great selection on fuel, cooling, and primer lines and has them in assorted sizes and colors too. As well as fast shipping and great quality lines. I use nothing but his lines and they have held up and look great.

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