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    what impellers should I use?

    I am planning to convert my 1200cc pv motor to a 1300cc pv motor in my gp1200r. If I run the 1300 motor mostly stock with properly jetted carbs, What brand and pitch impeller should I run?

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    if you keep the pump you have now, a 14/20 solas concord would be ok,

    you will need a tach to measure rpm properly ad the magic number you want is around 7200rpm when W0T.

    if you add a 14/20 and your max rpm is 7050 you can repitch that 14/20 to a 13/19 of if its rpm is 7390 you can repitch to a 14/21 or 14/22....make sense?

    remember you want 7200rpm, thats the sweet spot, give or take 50rpm.

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    solas concord 14/20 de-pitched to a 12/19 would be about right

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