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    Had the new (to me) SLX 780 out yesterday for its maiden voyage. Had some issues getting it to fire up. New battery fully charged. It would make the clicking noise from the electrical box, but wouldn't start. Waited for several minutes then tried again. After that it fired right up on the first push of the button. Does this sound like a short in the wiring, or is the starter starting to pooch out on me?

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    I would start by removing and cleaning both ends of both battery cables, and the cable to the starter motor.

    Make especially sure the engine end of the battery negative cable has clean metal to metal contact to the engine bed plate.

    Try to rock the engine side to side. It should NOT move easily, and there should only be a tiny amount of flexing in the rubber engine mounts. What you are checking is whether the bolts under the bottom of the engine have become loose.

    It is possible your start solenoid inside the electrical box is failing. After you have cleaned all the heavy cable connections, if it happens again (just a click when you press Start button), then the solenoid is suspect.

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    Thanks for the good advice. I'll try fiddling with it this evening.

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