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    does my 98 slxh have a hall effect sensor

    hey trying to adjust timimg or more or less check timimg on my 98 slxh 1050 and trying to leave the engine in bc im not completly sure this is the issue but possible that while trying to remove the flywheel but not being succesfull at it i tweeked the timimg. it runs but way rich and bogs if you try to give it gas i think i retarded the timimg ive tryed using a wooden dowel and rotate engine to TDC and read the gauge at 0 but without a dial gauge i dont trust this so much and it can be +/- 2% correct

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    Not sure what you are asking

    All Polaris red domestic carburetor engines have Hall Effect sensors inside the magneto stator.

    Timing as adjusted with the two screws that hold the inner timing ring in place inside the flywheel. No need to remove the actual flywheel to adjust timing.

    The screws are accessible from the front face of the flywheel, once the flywheel housing cover is removed.

    You should be able to see where the timing screws were originally clamped down. Use a small mirror.

    You can use a timing light to check ignition timing on a running engine. You remove the inspection cap from the top of the housing, then you can see the timing marks on the edge of the flywheel.

    Specification for the 1998 SLXH with original ignition system is;
    18° +0 -2 @3000
    11° +0 -2 @6250

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    sorry i was reading off a couple other post's and was trying to make sense of it all and the proper way to do it but thanks k447

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