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    08 GTI 4Tec wont crank after ride


    I need help with a 08 gti, Ski cranks right up when it has been sitting, but after you ride for 30 min or so it wont restart, engine turns over but wont fire or even try to start. When the ski is running it runs great, no issues with it as long as it not turned off. Once the ski sits and cools it will re-crank, but the motor is not over heating. I belive it is electrical.

    These are the items i have checked or replaced

    New chassis and engine harnes 50 hrs ago.
    map sensor replaced
    idle air flow replaced
    tops sensor, swaped with known good
    caps sensor, swaped with known good
    all grounds fuses look good.
    temp sensor, swaped with known good
    Spark plugs
    New batt.
    Spark plug coils, swaped with known good

    it has never threw up a code, I am running out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Patrick

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    I am having the exact same problem with my 04Gtx, I can only hope to learn from this thread. Something you can try that worked for me in a pinch was rocking the ski back and fourth side to side while attempting to start it, just make sure you have it in neutral so it doesnt take off on you. Thats just in a pinch. I feel the rocking takes the load off the prop and it starts much easier.

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    Could be an electrical issue...stator.As electrical parts heat up their resistance increases and a part going out can get worse. This used to be a common problem on the stators for the old Kawasaki 550's, cold would run fine but when hot would be no spark.
    Also next time it does this try removing the gas cap & then attempt to crank. If it does crank then fuel system vent problem

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    Another long shot but check compression when hot. Lets check if top end is getting tired

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    To shed some light on this, I spoke with a guy that had the exact same problem as me. He said changing the fuel pump and filters solved all the problems. I have parts on order. Is there a safe way to test for spark without candoo? I suspect this also may be a culprit.

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    Have you checked the connection to the starter?

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