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    2001 GTX Bogging

    I just finished a COMPLETE overhaul of the fuel system on my 2001 GTX. I did everything, replaced all lines, cleaned out selector, cleaned out filter, cleaned O ring on filter, meticulously cleaned both carburetors and replaced every part that comes in the Mikuni kit.

    I had the carbs apart and sprayed cleaner followed by compressed air 4-5 times in both the pilot and main jet in both carbs. Yes I did use the new filters in the carb kits.

    I am getting a bad bog at 3000-4000 rpm. I feel it even on the trailer in the water. It idles good at 1400rpm. I rev's perfect if the throttle is stabbed. But if I try an easy acceleration from idle it bogs and 3000-4000rpm clears out if I stab the throttle.

    I can idle all day and mash the throttle it will take off like a bat out of hell PERFECT hard acceleration. Before I cleaned the fuel system, I had to start the ski at 1/2 throttle to get it moving. It idled fine but died if I applied any throttle, so I have made progress.


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    How many turns do you have on the LS screws?

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    Right now they are out about 1 3/4. I tried a bunch of tweakin even re-seated and back to the factory 1 1/2 out. At 2 out it stumbles all over and loads up at idle. At 1 out the motor dies when I give any throttle. Any setting between 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 out is just changing where the bog occurs by a couple hundred RPM.

    Of all the settings, where I have it now it is the most rideable. It still has a very noticable bog now between 3000-4000rpm. It will still sometimes bog right off idle. If I stab the throttle hard, I have no problem. If I just sit and idle and hammer the throttle it accelerates perfect, no hesitation, no bog, it launches out of the water and goes till I drop the throttle. The trouble happens when I try light to moderate acceleration.

    If I keep the rpm over 4000 it accelerates very smooth and has excellent response. Could that tempo shit be in the tank, got sucked back up and fuked up my carb cleaning????

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    Now this really has me baffled . I took the ski out this afternoon, this time on a lake with 85* surface water. THE SKI RAN PERFECT!! At least for now the bogging seems to have cured its self.

    All other testing of this ski has been in a river with 75* water. Could the cooler water have that much effect?? Runs on the river lasted 20minutes -2hrs and the bog was there all the time. At least for now the ski seems "Fixed"

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    All of mine run different in cooler weather/water but not to the point that your's is.

    Check the o-ring on the primary filter bowl. It can suck air there and cause some interesting issues. Also make sure all the new fuel lines are good and tight.

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