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    How hard to you ride your boat?

    I have a S150 w/215 and everytime we are in rough water going 30mph I feel like the boat will snap in two. So my question is do these hulls hold up can you wake jump safely? What is to hard? Thx

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    I feel confident about the hull myself, but when riding rough it's the wake tower bars that are shuddering/vibrating that worrry me.

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    if your back can take it the boat can. i jump it all the time off big boots wake you have to line up where there 2 waves go 25-30mph and flor it like 5ft a way so you make it to the 2nd wave and land soomth like a MX dubble

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    I beat the hell out of my boat but it seems to be okay other than the broken front latch and loose handgrips.. and also my oil alert is always going off around 3400rpms even though I just did an oil change..

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