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Thread: Lake George

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    Lake George

    I will be up in Lake George from July 21-31. I will be up there with a couple of friends and my brother. I will have my two skis up there 2000 gp 1200 and an 04 gp 1300. My best friend Mprism will have his 03 gp 1300. My buddy Barry will have his super charged SHO and his 07 gp 1300. We will be staying right by the million dollar beach. Log bay day is on Monday and it's allways a good time. If anyone wnats to meet up and go riding hit me up. Thanks for reading my post. Jeff

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    nice i just missed u.. im goin up the 2nd with my gp1200.. just picked it up and im itching to ride it haha

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    Maybe next year bro. Don't forget Log bay day is the last Monday in July, it is allways a good time.

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