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    Stock 98 GSX Limited - What should be done?

    Friend just bought this.. runs almost 60mph on flat water.. Idle is a little low - on trailer 2,600 and in water 1,200... It kinda spuders under 20mph and really doesnt like going that slow, runs a little rough.. BUT WOT it and it comes right out of the water...

    What should be done to fix that spuddering / rough running at slow speeds and what can be done to enhance performance?

    Thanks, as always - cant wait to hear!

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    make sure it doesnt have grey fuel lines. if so they need to be changed out and the carbs cleaned.

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    of course it has the grey tempo line lol... I fully plan on replacing the fuel lines, cleaning the fuel selector, rebuilding the carbs, draining the seadoo miniral oil and switching to my favorite cheap walmart tcw-3 synthetic oil. Should I change out the intake grate? flame arrestors? air intake? I am looking to beaf it up. What will give the biggest bang for the buck but not go bankrupt doing it?

    Other things I noticed too that I want to fix..
    1. VTS does not work.. I am guessing this is the motor?
    2. Seems you have to twist the lanyard all around for good connect before it will start, it will simply beep and shut off. Could it just be the lanyard?
    3. When you start it, the 12 volt low light comes on. I put a new battery in it and it still comes on.
    4. When you try it start it, it will just keep turning over and never catch, if you let go of the start button and repress it it will then fire up instantly. It always needs a second try. Could this just be because it is idling too low?

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