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    DSS key on 2005 RXT

    Hi does anyone know the cost and the procedure to get a new key? Thanks

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    you need to go to a Seadoo dealer to have them program a key. Cost im not sure what they are gonna get from you, but if you can wait order a key from the online store and then just have the dealer program that.

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    I had a spare key that i bought online programmed by my local brp shop... pretty sure it cost me like 86 bucks for the programming... can we say "highway robbery" but if you look at the other side of the coin... what is your ski worth to you if you are without a way to start it... just saying....

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    You need to take your ski and key to the dealer. If I didn't already have a DESS key for my dealer to program (a practice key), id buy a key from the online store and take my ski to the dealer. Call around to your local dealers to check pricing of the key programming. My dealer had me bring them an 18 pack of Coors Light in exchange for the key programming. $17

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