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    4-tec engine hesitation

    i tried to do a search but could not find anything.
    but my 155hp engine on my 03 sportster hesitates at low rpms.
    but since i am here, i actually have multiple problems with my boat.

    1. Today, my cousin threw in a tow line when i told him not to, and i didn't know he did until i drove over it and it sucked in and it went around my drive-shaft until it shut off my engine.
    since i cleared it, maybe i am more cautious, but noticed my engine hesitates or hiccups from stop to 1/4 throttle. anyone know what is going on?

    2. my tach and my speedo don't work, i even got a new tach, and that still doesn't work.
    3. my bilge pump doesn't work.
    4. my radio doesn't work.

    I checked all the fuses. they were all fine.

    any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    Try some new plugs first

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    How are the clearances between your impeller and wear ring? If you sucked something into the pump you could have damaged the impeller and/or wear ring, which could cause your hesitation problem.

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    i will try the plugs, have to get some this week.

    the rope wrapped around the drive shaft, i was able to pull of the pump housing easily enough, and did not notice any issues there.

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