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    Test video from Lake Zoar 7/4/10 Countour HD digital camcorder

    This is the very first time I have used it and overall im pretty pleased with the results. I took a lot of random solo footage today that no one has any interest in seeing- but heres the very first video I shot with it. In the video is: Saltysteve, Beerdart, Randy Savage, Jerry, Deez, and me.

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    Strange, when I watch the actual file on my computer, it looks great. Full HD and no pixelization. When it goes into youtube it pixelizes and looks shitty...

    Maybe there is some setting I missed....

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    Actually, that video kinda looks like shit in youtube the more I look at it...

    The only real drawback so far is the upload time. This video is 1:30 seconds long and it took ten minutes to upload!! then it took another five minutes for youtube to 'process' it.

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    What ski where you on?

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    Did you intend to shoot it in 720P or 1080P?
    It looks fine, for 720P. My 1080P video's take hours to upload, and hours to process, by Youtube. I upload 1080P, MP4 files.
    Here's one I did, that has 720P, and 1080P combined. You have to click the little HD button on the viewing screen up to 1080P, hit play then hit pause, and wait for it to upload, or it will just start and stop, if you are on a slow connection.

    This is with the Gopro Hero HD, and my JVC hand held(720P) video camera's;

    One more;

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    Nice. Beerdart's 11 year old son was showing me how to add music to the video today.

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    Im using the windshield mount with the suction cup. It stays on there tight.. even at high speeds. So far so good. The camera has been splashed a few times too and it seemed to have no effect. I do not think the camera is waterproof... I think its just water-resistant. I dont remember. I have it tethered to the handlebars too. I dont plan on submerging it. I think the gopro is completely waterproof and can go underwater.

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    Yea, the Gopro can go down to about 150 feet under water. The counter is water resistant. So if it goes in the drink, it's probably not going to be a good thing. That's why we went with the Gopro. Plus, I want to do some under water stuff.

    I use Cyberlink power director 8 for editing. You can download it and use it for free, for 30-days, which is what I did on one of my video's. You can see the water mark it put on it. I've since bought it.

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    that video is awesome. looks like a bit of a fisheye/wideangle effect which makes all the difference. awesome

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