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    Angry 97 spx dies when i look at throttle wrong

    Ok this POS is giving me a head ache. I have been working on it for weeks and replace all kinds of crap in it.

    I rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines and filter. I clean the selector valve and replaced gaskets on the carbs. This thing runs fine on the trailer idle and revs, but when i back it in the water it idles but if i try to give it the slightest bit og gas from the throtle it dies imediately.

    However, if i give it a shot of gas from the prime plunger, (because i removed the choke) and then give it gas imediately after the shot from the prime it revs up to full throttle and gets up and goes fine, but as soon as i let off the throttle it dies again.

    Anyone please help. I have tried about everything in the book and checked and triple check carb settings and everything. It has to be something simple that I'm going to kick myself for overlooking or not checking. Another bit, my spark plugs look darky and oil wet no matter what i do with it. I have p[layed with the L/S and H/S and still nothing. they don't seem to make a difference. Should i remove them and sheck for any clogs?

    What i don't understand is how it can throttle up full throttle with a shot of gas from the primer but dies when i look at the throttle wrong. and it runs fine on the trailer. I plan on taking a bottle of fuel and a fuel line and checking to see how it acts then, just to eliminate the fuel lines and selector from sucking any air anywhere.

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    Ok after reading some more info I'm thinking I need to check my pop off again. It sounds like my problem has to be in there. If anyone else has any thing to add please do.

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