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    Wanted 780 Slt Cylinder Jug


    Needed asap to the uk I need a stock cylinder jug for my 97 slt 780 in good condition so I can avoid a rebore, I'd like to pay for UPS quick delivery to the uk

    Delivery post code cr6 9tl


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    dont let the rebore scare you away , there is 2 side attitudes on running a single slightly oversized piston , its only 1-3 grams more than the rest of your pistons , but in my case all 3 of my pistons were 1-3 grams from each othere that were the same size ,

    so i would weigh out the cost of a used cly and piston combo than a cost of a new .25 mm piston and a rebore .

    cheers mate gotta go season 15 of top gear is on

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    I agree.

    Get your cyl bored oversize and get the piston to match.

    Chances are you'll never get a used STD size cyl in "ready to use" shape. It will most likely need a bore or at the least a hone.

    If you can get away with .25mm oversize that would be great. If not, you should be fine with a .5mm oversize without much worry.

    Don't forget to order your gaskets either. Cometic gaskets are pretty good and quite reasonable. Run around $60-65 USD for the top end kit.

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