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    1997 GSX compression difference mag/pto

    Engine runs awesome, little hard start sometimes but could be from a dripping carb (just rebuilt them though). One thing is high rpms cut out 6700, little cavitation on accel(prob need a wear ring) one thing is a little rattle sound seems to be coming from the rave area at idle and may even be there when I rev up, a lite rattle. Not sure what that could be. Pulled the plugs and spun it over, sounded great no rattle or anything. Did a compression test too, pto is 130psi, mag is 150psi...??? How is this? New OEM pistons, rings, etc.. honed cylinders methodically to within .001" the whole deal... Did test with plugs out and WOT. 20 psi would be a huge disparity, any thoughts???

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    bent rod? check tdc height on each hole.

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    Yeah Ill check that tommorow, crank was new hot rods crank, and i used the thin gasket 6hole i think. Weird..

    Any idea what that little rattle could be coming from around the raves? I mean there isn't much there to do that, and when the plugs where out the sound was gone..?

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    oh..a new crank too?..that's a different matter guess i the rotary valve is not timed correctly

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    I guess you shouldn't have gotten in a hurry to run it and decided not to break it in with the Dumonde Tech. Hmm...

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    Yeah al the internals are new crank, pistons, rods, rings, needles, couter shaft bearings, rebuilt carbs, the intake was timed correctly I definitely took my time to make sure that part was timed right.

    Yeah I didn't end up with the Dumonde oil, I don't think I got in a hurry since it was a few months after I finished that I took it out, I just did a basic break in procedure like the manual recomends low speed and varying the throttle for the first tank, mixed oil in with the gas and used the oil pump,

    When we had it out yesterday it was running great and getting 6700, guy clocked next to me with a flats boat saying I was in the mid 50s. Could the rave valve be making that noise? Its very lite adn is definitely on top.

    Read another post about a rave rattle could be caused by the o ring that is used in the rave assembly.

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