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    Hot Battery Cables?????????

    ok so i had my 96 gtx out for the first time, put a new battery in, and it started on the trailer, put it in the water and it wouldnt start. Got it back on the trailer and noticed that when i try to start it the battery cables get extremely hot. plz help, what is this.

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    You have too much resistance somewhere in the starter cicuit. It could be the starter, cables, or solenoid. My 97 GTX had a bad negative cable and would not start. I suspected the negative cable so I tested it with jumper cables. I connected one black clamp the the block near the starter and the other black clamp to the negative battery terminal (do not connect the red clamps to anything) and it cranked fast and started. I also confirmed it with a voltage drop test using a voltmeter. The negative terminal had corroded off inside the insulation at the connection near the starter. It is one possibility as the cable has a black convoluted cover on that end that holds water. Was your doo cranking fast in the water?

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