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    Problems with fall RPM

    Hi guys!
    Anybody have so problem?

    The problem is RPM is fall from 5000 to 0. Open full throttle Ultra start and stop on 5000 rpm. I check belt everything is ok. Check AFR its very very lean at this moment when RPMs fall.

    Maybe Fuel pump problems?

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    Make sure you dont have the SLO key in.
    How many hours on the ski? What year?
    How much boost are you making?
    How old are your plugs?
    When you pull a plug out, are they rusty?
    How is your oil level?
    Is your IC contaminated with oil?

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    No Slo key in.
    30 hours. 2009 Ultra 260x
    R&D 1-1 pulley kit. Only 1 hour with this kit. Now with stock fuel pump.
    Plugs is ok.
    OIl level ok.
    Intercooler is clean.

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    how did you put your return line in to the fuel tank. does it run or only fire and start. you shouldnt need the throttle open full to start it, sounds like fuel pump setup is wrong maybe.

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    what is your Fuel PSI ?

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    Thank you Guys! I fixed problem. It was problem with fuel regulator, Its just fall pressure from 37 psi to 22 psi. I cleaned fuel regulator inside and turn it to 37 psi again. I tested about 1 hour everything is ok.

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