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    GP1200 Volage Alarm and Dead battery

    This weekend my volatage alarm came on while riding and the display went out, but hte ski was still running. I got back turned it off and nothing when I hit the starter. Checked the battery at home and it had .8 volts left. So I am assuming the battery is not charging. I am still charnging the battery, but I tested the regular and it passed. Looking for this lighting coil which I think is on the stator plate since I can't find it on the ski. So if this flahsing coil it bad I need to repalce the startor?

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    I tried to hook up another battery an get huge amount of sparks from the battery now. Any ideas where to look? The wiring all look good. the only wire I can't see if the one going to stater since the exhaust is covering that.

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    Do you mean the pulser coil or the charge coil? You only need to use the plugs to test.
    The charge coil will be a 3 prong plug, with Brown, Blue, and Black/Red wires

    The pulser coil will be 4 prong plug, with White/Red, White/Black, White/Green, and Black

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