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    96 hurricane probs

    I have a 96 hurricane that runs strong in the water for about 5 to 10 mins then just shuts off. once the craft come to a complete stop in the water it will fire right back up and repeat the problem. any sugestions

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    Does the MFD display work?
    Any red lamp or warning messages?

    Have you checked the electrical system over carefully?
    Remove and clean both ends of both battery cables.

    Is the electrical box properly strapped down, and not touching the battery?

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    the mfd does not work but i understand there is a fuse in the brain to check hopfuly that will fix it other than that what should i check on the electrical system it has a new battery i had to change one of the spark plug wires last year cause only one head was working but both work now. maybe i did something when i did this. any thing i should look at in there. all sugestions are welcome because i love this ski and i want to ride it again.

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    any water in the electric box? How does the circuit board look? I had to replace one. Is this the updated ignition system? That doesn't sound like your problem because you'd have to wait ten minutes or longer before it would restart.

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