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    Yamaha XL1200 1999 Starting Issue

    I have a 1999 XL 1200 Yamaha and just went to do a compression check on it. I removed the wires to the spark plugs and isnserted the compression gauge in one cylinder. I connected the lanyard and hit the start button and all I got was a buzzing sound from the electronics box. I just started it a day or two ago and I replaced the battery about 3 weeks ago. Any advice on where to start or how to test would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your battery may be good, but not the connections or the boat may be causing the battery to slowly discharge. In any case I would check the battery first. If the battery is in doubt, then put the boat on a known power source and go from there. From there, then check all connections.

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    Tested the battery 11.8 volts. looked at all connections. What I'm experiancing is when I hit the Start button I get a buzz sound from the electronics box that is mounted on the rear bulkhead. It appears to be coming from the center of the box when I listen through a stethascope. I know the starter relay in housed in the electronics box and I'm thinking it may be a stuck relay. Any suggestions on how to test without having to pull the electronics box out? I think I read somewhere to take a jump wire from the battery directly to the stater using the positive terminals. what guage wire would one use and will the ski turnover once the wire is touched or do you still have to hit the start button?

    PS: this is a buzzing sound not a clicking sound. almost like something is vibrating inside the electronics box

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    i bought a brand new battery, worked great after i charged it then 2 days later, bad cell (11.6 volts i think) should be 12.6 or higher...

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    Battery was low low low. Tested it agian as I was hitting the start button and the volts dropped down to 3.8 Charged up battery and now she cranks again. Thnaks to all for your assistance.

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