I've had an '07 Kawasaki Ultra LX since July 2007 purchased brand new. This machine has been the biggest mistake i've ever made. Would not ride for more than a week without a huge range of different problems. Speaking to Kawasaki is a waste as they will always blame it on user error and fight before paying out on repairs. And if you live in the NY/Long Island area here's a warning, stay very clear of Crazy Freddy Motorsports/Island Powersports on Sunrise hwy in Massapequa! If you want to hear about my problems with them, send me a PM. Anyway, I was blessed this year when it finally sank and was covered by my insurance. I will never purchase another Kawasaki product again. I'm in the market for a brand new, reliable, FAST, fully-loaded waverunner.

I'm looking at the new Yamaha FX SHO, but a little side tracked by the sea-doo's 260hp. I want to go fast with the potential to go faster but at the same time have little to no problems. I hear Yamaha is #1 in reliability and they have a great track record. Also if anyone knows or can tell me the difference in speed on the water between the yamaha FZS/FZR and the SHO.

Also, my Ultra LX is for sale. Obviously, it needs a motor or lots of engine repair but all cosmetic parts are in BRAND NEW condition. Everything was always washed, dried, oiled, treated like a baby. The seats, dash, handle bars, even the hull is in brand new condition - 58 hours. $900. I can take detailed pictures on request.