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    First time back out after swamping the Ski.....any thoughts ????

    Put the ski in the water today, and at first it would only turn about 5K RPM , and run about 41mph on the dash, and just felt real weak on the initial hit. I was just about to turn around and bring it in , when it cleared up and shot to 7K ran strong for a second or two, then would drop back to 5K . The longer I ran it the better it got, and after about an hour, it cleared up really good. The mph got up to 60 on the dash ( a little choppy today, and bike is bone stock ), but it would maintain the RPMs like it is supposed to. The only trouble that kinda stuck around was on the initial stab from an idle, it would hesitate for about a second or two and then take off. I am thinking I could have some water in my fuel. I kept running it till the low fuel indicator came on, then brought it in. I am gonna try to siphon out the remaining fuel, put fresh fuel in it, with a little can of seafoam, and try again tomorrow.......ANY THOUGHTS ???????

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    Faulty plug(s)?

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    everytime i foul a plug, the symptoms are rough idle and hesitation on takeoff. but WOT it runs fine. usually plug 3 or 2 in center of head.

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    Sounds , good to me , I am gonna put new plugs in it before tomorrow. Good news is , it didnt fill up with water again ! Man was I paranoid! Will give an update after I run it tomorrow.

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    Drain all the gas, i mean ALL, i had a half tank of new premium, and half old, and had same issues to a T, new plugs gas, think runs perfect now.

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    Drained as much of the gas as I could last night, I got it pretty low. Put 5 gallons of 89 Octane in it , with a few ounces of Seafoam, Changed the plugs, took it out today for about 20 minutes before the rains came and it ran great....thank god ! Thanks for all the input, now that it runs right, I can start looking at doing a few mods to it !

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