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    GP1300R taking on water

    Hello, I have a GP1300R that is taking on water in the hull through the ride plate bolt holes. (I believe that's what it is called) I't is the plate right behind the intake grate. The back two bolts for the grate bolt into this plate. It has 4 bolts of it's own mounting it to the botom of the hull. 3 of the 4 have broken loose and the metal threaded inserts have pulled out of the hull. I'm look for the best way to fix this problem. Is it a normal issue for this ski? I would guess they could be epoxied back in and then fiberglassed back over, but I want to make sure I use the right materials.
    Anyone who has had to deal with this, pease let me know what you recomend.

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    That is called the pump shoe. That would be the only way to fix it. They make some larger upgraded brackets that go on the inside after you have fixed the hull.

    At the same time you need to reinforce the pump tunnel. Do a search on this site. Plenty info on it.

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    tunnel reinforcement looks like this when done. solid bars brackets used here.
    I chose to use longer bolts than necc and added nylok nuts...

    do your research, this is a process that you want to do correctly the first time.

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    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyGPR View Post
    tunnel reinforcement looks like this when done.
    Sorry Andy, but BS!!! There are no more than 5 in the world that look this clean. Your setting the bar too high.

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    +1 steach Andy does nice work! This is my mess of an install! Lee

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    Thanks for the info and the pictures. The question I have, is it necesary to install a seperate fiberglass reinforcement rather than just go in and do the glass work right in the hull to strengthen and build up the tunnel? Then after doing the glass work adding the support brackets. Is there a reason to use a seperate piece?


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