Hello I have a 04 RXP with a error code of P0231 that came up. I Can someone please advise me where is the fuel pump located at on my 04 rxp ski? Also where is the fuel pump grounded at ( location of the ground wire)? Also where is the connector located for the fuel pump? Where is the ECM output pins located at that go into or control the fuel pump?
Please note since I got the code I unhooked the wiring harnesses that go to the Main computer which is located near the throttle body (to the left of TB). This did fix the problem and I don’t get the error code anymore however…….. My ? To you is I am concerned as to what caused this error code to come about in the 1st place and what I need to do to check if it is fixed correctly so it doesn’t happen again. The details of the code our above and I can’t find the fuel pump or the wiring harness for the fuel pump hence why I am asking so many ?’s above. Can someone please advise me on here thanks so much.