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    P0107 code- map sensor? what else?

    I have a fully built 07 RXT. The ski ran great for about 10 mins or so and then check engine light and code P0107. I just put a new map sensor it the ski. Last time out the ski did the same thing. I am not sure what else it could be.

    Any ideas? water in gas? bad fuel? running lean?

    I understand what BUDS says-- just not sure what the problem could be. Voltage is good.

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    Hi Cody,

    Here is what the BUDS says...

    P0107, MAP sensor shorted to ground.

    Possible Causes;
    Sensing port dirty or blocked.
    Sensor failure or unexpected reading at idle.
    Sensor fallen out of housing or leaking inlet.
    Fault detected when the engine is running.

    Service Actions;
    Check system circuits A-12, A-28 and A-40.
    Make sure that the sensor housing is correctly inserted into the manifold.
    Check sensor connector for:
    a) 5 volts on pin 1.
    b) 0 volt on pin 2.
    c) 0 volt on pin 3.

    Sounds like it may be wiring(Connector a bit grotty in there with either grease or something), or MAP sensor not being able to hack the pressure, or.... get the ski hooked to buds and system re-initialised.

    I'd dash over to do the BUDS for ya if I were nearer to ya. I owe ya one remember.

    Get back to me if not good with this help, but its the place to start from.
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    ttt-- voltage is good. I just dont know what to fix. Thanks!

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