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    I didn't want to put on a SHO, so im just a HO! ghostrider757's Avatar
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    Talking Interesting gains for $14

    So I took the ski out for some speed runs with a GPS to see if my Intake Manifold mod had produced any speed. I had already noticed the mid and top end acceleration but needed to confirm the real results. Prior to this weekend, the best run I had was 65.1MPH on GPS. Well, today...The GPS read 66.2 which gave me a gain of 1.1MPH and 100RPMS Maybe I just rode better, the ski was having a good day, whatever it was, It was definitely some good runs and most definitely an improvement.

    The best part is I spent maybe 3 hours on it and the cost was $14. I could see this on a SHO, but never expected it on an HO. Maybe with Jims Rideplate mod and a flux capacitor, I will break 70 lol!

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    cool man good work

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    Thumbs up The $14.00 mod!!!

    Congratulations man!!!

    Ok, so let me get this straight I spend God knows how much to get an extra mile an hour and you are getting 100 RPMS and yes that equals one mile per hour gain for a $14.00 piece of PVC? This is awesome!!!

    So you're $56.00 away of 70MPH LOL

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